Goldfinch Project Services Ltd are a small established project management practice who specialise in providing commercial and project management services to private individuals and local businesses who are considering undertaking building works.

We have a wealth of experience in the construction industry, on a wide variety of type and value of project and are confident that we can save you both time and money on your project. We have experienced first hand the problems associated with developing your our own properties so we have direct hands on experience of being a client and the issues that surround it!

Our Services

Many people have the desire to build their own house or substantially extend or renovate their existing property. Others in business have a need to expand their premises. These desires or needs are often thwarted by the raft of unknown factors and fears that surround the construction, refurbishment or extension of a home or business premises.

It is also a reality that many individuals planning a self build project will need to keep working during the building process and are therefore not on hand to deal with the day to day issues that arise which can cause delays and increase costs. Similarly, those in business need to remain focussed on their day to day business activities and the thought of managing another process may be too much too consider!

As Project Managers we can ensure:

  • That you approach the design and construction process in a structured and logical manner, giving proper consideration to each step of the process.
  • That you select the necessary design consultants with the relevant experience and expertise to meet your specific requirements.
  • You have the necessary advice at the right time to take account of planning permission, building control, highways, statutory authorities and other such issues.
  • The selection of designers and builders is made on fair and equitable basis, providing a balance between cost effectiveness and ensuring your personal requirements are met.
  • Sufficient flexibility and cost control mechanisms are built into the procurement process to ensure that if you wish to change your mind you can do so without fear of costs spiralling out of control.
  • Any unforeseen issues are dealt with in the most cost effective manner and do not unnecessarily delay the works.
  • That risks are clearly defined, understood by everybody and a mechanism for dealing with them is in place.


Goldfinch Project Services Ltd understand that everybody’s requirements are different. The scope of our service is completely flexible and we can accommodate anything from advice on specific design, procurement or construction issues through to delivering the whole project to meet your exact requirements.


We aim to take the stress out of the design and construction process for you, ensuring that you can enjoy watching your dreams transform into reality in the knowledge that a safe pair of hands is looking after your interests every step of the way.

We are confident that we a deliver value for money service and at the conclusion of your project can demonstrate that we have saved you time and money.