About Us

Goldfinch Project Services Ltd are a surveying practice who specialise in providing high calibre commercial services to the construction industry.
The services Goldfinch Project Services Ltd provides to main contractors are divided into three key business functions; all are of paramount
importance in the current economic climate.

Estimating Services

Winning work is one of the most important priorities within our industry; therefore every tender opportunity secured by your
business needs 100% attention to ensure the bid is successful. All elements of the tender process need focus, commitment
and innovation to deliver the winning bid. With over 30 years experience in the commercial sector of the construction
industry we have the skills and attributes required to succeed.

Goldfinch Project Services Ltd is completely flexible to suit your requirements and can provide the following services:

  • Preparation and presentation of full tender submissions
  • Preparation of bills of quantities
  • Pricing of bills of quantities
  • Pricing of preliminary costs
  • Value engineering
  • Attendance at pre/mid/post tender interviews
  • Risk and opportunity analysis
  • Contractual condition reviews

The aim is simple, firstly to provide you with the absolute lowest nett cost solution for the delivery of a project. Furthermore
allowing you to make an informed decision on subsequent actions needed to secure the project in the knowledge you are
starting with an extremely competitive and accurate nett cost figure.

Commercial Services

We are fully aware the market is at times flooded with freelance surveyors and the quality of these can be variable.

The purpose of our business is not to provide “adequate” individuals for long periods of time but to provide quality individuals
to service the short to medium term demands of your business.

All manner of unforeseen events occur which affect us in our day to day activities. Such events give businesses short term
demands that frequently cannot be met with the right calibre of commercial staff internally. Goldfinch Project Services Ltd are in a position
to meet these demands whether they are caused by holidays, absence or the positive aspect of securing of a number of
contracts at once.

The calibre of our staff means Goldfinch Project Services Ltd produces high quality work that is easily followed by those picking up when we leave.
Through the excellence of the work produced we also protect and enhance the commercial interests of your business.

Goldfinch Project Services Ltd will deal with specific problems on projects and final accounts, providing the correct calibre of trustworthy and
experienced resource to:

  • Secure positive cash flow
  • Maintain or improve profitability
  • Avoid the escalation of issues to dispute
  • Maintain relationships with clients and consultants
  • Manage workload to meet your deadlines

Defects Resolution

Unresolved defects cost businesses thousands of pounds every year through:

  • Having cash tied up in clients accounts
  • Loss of interest on cash that could be in your bank
  • Time spent by staff attempting to resolve issues
  • Resolving problems directly that should be the responsibility of the sub-contractors.

In addition to the direct financial implications, the problems resulting from uncleared defects can have a detrimental effect
on client perception. Clients may be quick to forget your fantastic efforts to deliver their project, but distinctly
remember the negative effects associated with unresolved defects.

Production staff are often left to resolve defects issues with, or sometimes without, the support of customer care managers.
Production staff can be less effective in dealing with the clearance of defects when combined with the pressures of delivering
live projects. In reality a proper understanding of the correct contractual position and a commercial problem solving
approach is required to resolve outstanding defects promptly.

Goldfinch Project Services Ltd has a proven track record in obtaining the release of retention funds whilst maintaining strong client relationships.
We pride ourselves in ensuring those sub-contractors who are responsible for defects are held to account and undertake
the necessary remedial works.